Creativity Rover Completes “Word” Laser Test

Creativity Rover has successfully completed a test of its WURDCam instrument. At exactly 11:15am on Tuesday it fired five laser blasts into the archival blog post titled “Maggots,” and received approximately 56kb of raw data, which was quickly decoded by some of the top blog-scientists in the country.

In a press announcement earlier today PSSA officials shared the decoded data:

[…then the Schmog had no more squigglers, so it started lapping up the rest of the maggots, all balled up and sticking in place. They were like milky cereal on an old moldy couch. The Schmog licked some of them up with its great steamy tongue, and some of them it snipped up with its brownish…]

“I know, a real barrel of laughs, right?” said PSSA program director Rupert Sales. “But of course we were never expecting to find anything funny on the surface of If it’s here, it’s buried in the past, and we intend to find it! The WURDCam instrument works like a charm, and so the real science starts now.”

Sales that PSSA (practicallyserious space agency) expects Creativity to make a landmark discovery within the next few weeks, either proving or disproving the hypothesis that once harbored humorous blog posts.

“Won’t be long now,” said Sales. “We hope to complete our primary mission within the coming weeks.”

Creativity rover was sent to searching for signs of past or present humor in the blog’s archives.


To follow Creativity’s mission from the beginning, check out this link!

To read “Maggots” in its entirety, follow this link!

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